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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Tribute to Dear Departed Doggie Friends

Tonight my heart is heavy as we (the pack) are forced to say good-bye to two dear doggie friends.
Cesar Milan and his 16 yr. old wingman "Daddy" became an American institution. Daddy helped many dog lovers, throughout the world, to become more balanced leaders for their pack. And Daddy made the world aware that there is no such thing as a "bad dog..." only bad owners. Our pack's deepest sympathies go out to the Milan family in this most difficult of times.

Hamish was a sweet little lad from Scotland, and all of us in the blogging community will miss seeing his sweet face too.

If you can, visit Gail at www.hamishthewestie.blogspot.com with some kind words of sympathy. Many of us know the hurt of losing a sweet friend like Hamish.


  1. Too many new residents of The RB Khommunity...

    Thanks fur sharing...


  2. Heard about Hamish, but not about Daddy. :-(

  3. Hamish was on of our first DWB furiends. I had just received an email about Daddy and now I have just read that Poppy of Airedale Heaven passed away - this has been a sad, sad week.


  4. oh my heart broke when I saw your post about Daddy and Hamish...

    Licks from Olive

  5. I had heard about Hamish and Poppy but have not heard about Daddy. It is so sad!!!!! I feel so sorry for their family their heavy
    Thanks for your visit, Fern

  6. So sad to lose them both.

    Oh, and as for the Blue Ridge Parkway - only the section around the Folk Art Center are open. The photos earlier this weekend were from the part of the Parkway (Soco Gap) near where we live). We will not see that open until late March if history holds true.

  7. We too, had heard about Hammish and paid our respects, but not about Daddy, and we are so sorry to hear that. I'm sure that the Milan family is grieving, and they will be in our thoughts. Thanks for letting us know! The Corgi Country Crew