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***** A Notice****** Thanks to so many for coming to this blog over the past year and becoming such great blog friends. I have learned much and laughed often. Yet as the author of 2 blogs I have often felt... well... disjointed. In an effort to marry the 2 sides of my life, and to hopefully continue on in my relationship with you the reader, I am now combining my blogs into 1 new one. I do so hope that you will join me here. I just love hearing your happy voices as often as I can! See you soon......................

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spooning; Caught in the Act

This is how you know it's cold this winter! Instead of fighting Oliver for his place on the couch, Ruby cuddles up for body warmth. Yessir... it's a cold day in Virginia!


  1. This is an absolutely precious picture!!

    The Rocky Creek Gang

  2. That is very sweet :) It is to be 63 here today so I think the last bit of our snowman will be no more... :(

    Licks from me!


  3. Very very CUTE!!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. LOL! So cute! I saw that one school in VA hasn't had school for over 20 days--and no school yet in Feb. We got rain today so we just have a little dirty snow. You can keep the snow though!! :-) Tank doesn't cuddle with Mya--just sits on top of her if she is hogging too much of the coach.

  5. This is unquestionably the cutest thing I have seen all day...and I have seen a lot of cute today! :)

  6. Awe shucks, they are a pair! Spooning is right!
    I prefer digging in under the covers, and the cat, Bella, sleeps on a towel warming on the hot air register. Parental Unit then uses the warm towel to wipe off my paws when I come in from the yard...
    I love to watch her "eject" Bella from the towel!

  7. Snuggle up and cuddle up and be my friend!

  8. Hi Im Major, I think that picture ia adorable. I love your blog x