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***** A Notice****** Thanks to so many for coming to this blog over the past year and becoming such great blog friends. I have learned much and laughed often. Yet as the author of 2 blogs I have often felt... well... disjointed. In an effort to marry the 2 sides of my life, and to hopefully continue on in my relationship with you the reader, I am now combining my blogs into 1 new one. I do so hope that you will join me here. I just love hearing your happy voices as often as I can! See you soon......................

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Operation Secret Squirrel

Ruby, Bailey and Oliver have been talking to their blog buddy Tank a lot lately and have also been running back and forth... from inside to outside carrying fishing gear? They asked me to post something they are calling a "training video?!" Anyway, being the "dog centered" household this is... I oblige. I hope they're not into any kind of trouble, shenanigans or hijinks. So here it is, Ruby... you can stop pulling on my pants leg! (The post above.)


  1. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch! :)

  2. Your little no squirrels icon is to die for cute!Can I just say I greatly misgaged just how MUCH our Jedha would LOVE squirrels here!!??They don't have them in Australia!